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11th september 1989
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ahaha sailing was awesome as usual. i realised that sailing in the pico's so noob. especially when everyone around you's sailing in byte lasers and optimists. but yeah. anyway, today was a good day. haha, and tomorrow there's badminton with ex-school friends (: this week's quite packed actually, hoping to go wakeboarding with a friend some time this week. ahh. so little time. ahhh well, tmr should be awesome and really fun. haha, good luck and God bless to all the sailors for tomorrow! x)

chris at 11:26 PM

Saturday, March 04, 2006

today was super stressful man. but i have the best friends ever. thanks goes to my whole class! especially those at the office with me, haha. and the sailing people and all my other friends, who were so amazingly supportive! i owe you guys tons (: love you all! haha. sorry if i was super hyper today, heh. needed to find an outlet of relief and elation after i got into acsi again. haha. sailing was great too! yay. i think i inhaled enough seawater to start my own aquarium. i fell off the boat 3 times in like 15 mins. jackson told me to go join swimming instead x) the party was good too! haha never knew the sailing community was so closely-knit d: but it's great. sailing rocks! anyway, i shall go to sleep now, and good luck and God bless to the sailing team in the regatta tomorrow! haha (:

chris at 12:31 AM

Sunday, February 26, 2006

ohmygosh. math is soooo bad for your health. the portfolio is so painful! help. i don't understand like so many things it's not funny... oh well. i'm going to be up for quite some time tonight..
cheers x(

chris at 8:49 PM

Thursday, February 23, 2006

gosh. haven't posted for eons. ever so sorry. hehheh. so much's been happening.. well anyway, Olvl results came out (duh). and i got 10 points. (: i'm not fussing, since it got me enough to get into acsi! yay! haha 5.05 deuteronomy rocks. our class is great and the pple are super nice (: and friendly too! i decided to join sailing, and i swear our class is the most populated with sailors. haha, it's like crazy fun, that. well acsi's a pretty awesome school, (work aside), the people and teachers in it are pretty great. the IB program's good, but immensely stressful. haha. for now, i'm trying desperately to catch up with all the tough subs: chem ToK n b&m. x) sailing tmr! funness. haha, and interclass swimming during mass pe, which should be quite fun to watch! well, gonna support the juniors at JGs tmr after sailing, hope we win! ALOT's going on tmr. i shall post back soon! really. x)
Cheers! (:

chris at 10:54 PM

Sunday, January 22, 2006

hehheh. oops. sorry i haven't posted for sooooo long. i'm lazy, and it's been quite busy (: i shall now give an extra long update about the year up till now. Orientation went really well, (OG31) it was extremely fun, and the j2 OGLs were totally a totally awesome, funny, fun bunch of pple. (those in my house, anyway d: ) the mass dance was complicated as hell (superstar) but we learned another extremely fun one (the best things in life are free) good stuff, that. the OGLs and councillors danced summer sunshine for us too, which was great! lets see, highlight of orientation was... mass dance.. and most definately beach games. it was so blinking hot i swore you could host a whole barbeque on my head though. no pit required. beach games were really fun. we had a capture the flag-ish game and lots of other fun stuff. we spent alot of the time cheering against mjc who were there too d:
CCA bazaar was pretty cool too, i signed up for like 8. goodness knows why. they all seem pretty cool i guess. heh. only decided to really really go for bball, badminton and guitar. never thought i'd get into badminton, but i did! (: it's pretty fun. darren and jiabing got in too, and it helps having pple around you know. they're quite entertaining too. have basketball tmr, but i don't really feel like joining anymore. heh. badminton's enough as it is. blinking tiring that. you wouldn't think it'd be.. but heck. it IS.
Oh and my really great class, ct0626. good stuff. haha, all the pple are really fun, and nice to hang out with (: oh yes, and we can't forget my KI class. which consists of a steadily decreasing number of pple. (we started off with about 20. we're down to 12) gotta plan a field trip, which should be pretty fun (:
As for external stuff, i miss the US SOOO much. the skiing, the snow, the cold weather, the pple and the scenery d: (haha, the pple in colorado are so amicable you get pretty attached to them.) oh well, there's always next year.
as for now, cheers! i'll blog again soon. i promise d:

chris at 10:18 PM

Friday, December 30, 2005

3 guesses why i'm awake now. jet lag sucks. oh yes, ryan cabrera is really good. in my opinion. bought his CD in the US. in which i found, their price is phenomenally high. it costs $19 US, which is like 1.6 times more than here. i'm bored. i shall go unpack.

chris at 5:26 AM

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Firstly, sorry for not posting a Merry Christmas post. we were staying in a fancy hotel, and with all fancy hotels.. they don't give you free internet. thus,my dad was reluctant to pay the hotel, and i couldn't post at ALL in LA. the experience in LA was totally cool though, on Christmas day, a friend brought us to this glitzy hotel (more glitzy than the Ritz) for Christmas brunch. I have never seen a more elaborate buffet spread in my LIFE. that night they brought us to see a theatre production at the Pantages- White Christmas, a musical. It was amazing. Although my lil sis ended up sleeping through 3/4 of it. apparently she didn't get over the jetlag. we did a TON of shopping too. since after christmas everything sells cheap. heh. singaporean mentality.. my dad. It was a nice to get on the plane and for the first time in my life, sit business class. that was pretty cool. my dad can set up the most brilliant surprises, haha. i have never had a better sleep. usually plane rides are most uncomfortable. and of course the wave of humid, hot air after getting out of the airport was MOST pleasant. after the dry air in the US it was quite a.. change.

anyway, on a.. less happy note, came back home and received a nice rejection letter from acjc. *sigh* what short-lived holiday cheer. oh well, no point moping. my mother though, is extraordinally enthusiastic about her nursing course and has actually sparked an interest in me for that career. it's an option anyway. it'll help in getting me into med school.

ah well, cheers everyone (but myself, really)!

chris at 7:32 AM

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

whoa today was AWESOME. totally sick. we went up to the slopes and just skiied all afternoon. the snow was compact so that gave us extra speed and everything. haha i've got tons of pics so i'll upload when i can (: i fell a few times being a bit stupid, but it was wicked fun. haha danielle and my mum were like cautious so they never fell. pfft. hopefully i get to try snowboarding too. apparently it's easier to learn. going down the slopes again tomorrow so that'll be excellent. got bruises on my shins though, they hurt like crazy. excruciating, really.. but i wanted to ski more than anything, so had to ignore the blinding pain. heh. shane our instructor is super nice, really patient too. haha, he's great really fun too. ahhhh having a wonderful time. miss you all back home though (: cheers for now!

chris at 9:31 AM

hello. haha beaver creek is amazing, its almost always snowing and everything is totally blanketed. had ski lessons yesterday, the scenery is amazing d: haha i have bruises on my shins due to overly tight boots, and i almost killed myself with a ski. heh. we're going up to the mountain slopes today so that should be extra fun. skiing is hard work, but really fun. cheers (:

chris at 12:15 AM

Sunday, December 18, 2005

wow. arrived in LA today, the temperature's great, like air conditioning all over the place. We checked into the most beautiful little inn. It's quaint and smells of pine and cinnamon, and so wonderfully decorated too. All the staff is really warm and amiable. We get free cookies & milk and baked goods in the dining area, all we gotta do is go down and get it. oh there's wine and cheese at 5-6pm too. ah, and the wonders of free internet. great stuff. haha, anyway, after check in we went to santa monica boulevard for shopping and dinner. got some nice winter & cold wear, and then headed to a diner for dinner. excellent burgers. the atmosphere is really amazing at night, with the buskers out, music and christmas decorations and lights, its really cool. Anyway tomorrow we're heading for colorado. snow snow snow here we come! (:

chris at 3:21 PM

Saturday, December 17, 2005

ohhh well. leaving in about 2 hours. my dad wants to run to the lounge to enjoy free food. so we'll walk around the airport aimlessly for a couple of hours until we take off. so anyway, not too sure if i'll be able to blog anymore since not all hotels have free internet services (heh) so... Merry Christmas to everyone! (: Have a great one. haha. God Bless!

chris at 11:02 AM

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